How To Stack Your Jewellery

Layering jewellery has been on the scene for some time now, and it sure doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. It’s a great way to show off your favourite pieces together, and give even the most simple outfits a fresh, modern and high-end look.


Want to know how to stack your jewellery? Read on.

Stacking Necklaces

When it comes to layering necklaces, less is definitely more when it comes to choosing each individual necklace. Avoid chunky chains, and instead opt for the finer ones – especially if you’re going for more than three layers. You’ll want to choose necklaces of varying lengths that gradually longer, so you can see the detail of each necklace below the others; you can start as short as a fine choker. We love how most of Annie Haak‘s necklace designs have different length fastenings, so you can mix up the order to match your mood or your outfit.


Don’t shy away from fun and unique features to give that perfectly effortless look, combining pendants of different shapes and sizes.

Stacking Rings

The world is your oyster when it comes to stacking rings. From the finest bands to big, bold shapes and stones, the secret to stacking rings is to mix it up. Think about introducing different textures and sizes, and add in the occasional variation in metal if you want to add a little pop of something really interesting. 


Remember, your rings don’t need to sit flush to each other if you want to wear more than one per finger – expand your ring stacking horizons and get involved with the midi ring trend (where the ring sits between your first and second knuckles of your finger, instead of the usual placement of a ring at the bottom of your finger below your second knuckle).


Want to hack the ring stacking trend for super quick styling? Opt for a multi-row ring instead.

Stacking bracelets

When one bracelet just isn’t enough (is it ever?), it’s time to stack. Just like when you’re stacking rings, variety is the key to the perfect bracelet combinations. Bring variations of metal, thickness and texture into your stack – but you don’t need to stick with all metals if you want to add a leather band or wrap.


If you wear a watch, you don’t need to leave it out; a beautiful watch works really well with the right bracelets. If you’re adding colour, you could look at enameled bangles and choose colours that work with your outfit, or ones really pop against a plain wardrobe.


Don’t feel like you need to stick with a matching stacking bracelet set – use them as a base and then get creative! We love these stacking bracelet sets to get your collection started.

When it comes to stacking your jewellery, experiment to find your style. It’s a great way to give your older pieces a new lease of life alongside the latest additions to your collection. If there’s one things we’ve learnt from jewellery stacking, it’s that less might be more, but sometimes more really is more, too. Ready? Let’s stack.

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