7 Ways To Style Silver Jewellery

Whether you’re all about silver jewellery with every outfit, or your silver jewellery only makes an appearance once a year, one thing’s for sure; silver jewellery is a classic style staple you just can’t live without . Here’s some tips on how to choose and style silver jewellery, so you’re ready for any occasion.

#1 Black wardrobe staples complement silver jewellery

Silver jewellery really comes to life on dark fabrics. You can’t go wrong with classic black wardrobe choices to set your jewellery off; from casual black tees for daytime wear, a sophisticated black tailored blouse for work or your ever-in-style little black dress for evening occasions, silver and black is the perfect pairing.

#2 Dark colours to make silver jewellery pop

While it might be a classic, black clothes don’t work for everyone. If you’ve got a warm skin tone, or very pale skin, you might find that black can make you look a little sallow when you wear it close to your face. 

But don’t worry – it’s not just black that will make your silver really light up. Other dark colours that make silver shine are midnight blues and rich burgundys. Try wearing a simple outfit in one block colour with a statement necklace to make it ALL about the silver shine.

#3 Wearing silver jewellery in summer

When the sun is shining and your dark clothes have been pushed to the back of the wardrobe until winter comes around again, there’s no need to do the same with your silver jewellery. While you might associate its icy crispness with brightening up the colder months, silver can still sparkle in summer. Avoid pale pastels hues, and wear it with white or off-white shades like eggshell for summer vibes.

#4 Make a statement with silver earrings

Does anything have that wow-factor like a pair of statement earrings? Making even the most simple of outfits a real head-turner, going bold with silver statement earrings will never go out of style. Think anything from disc earrings with geometric patterns to dazzling silver drop earrings. Wear your hair up in a simple, sleek ponytail to keep all eyes on your stunning silver.

#5 Make a bigger statement by taking one away

For real stand-out style, give your outfit that extra something by wearing just one statement earring. For an edgy-cool daytime look, team up a black leather biker jacket with a low, relaxed bun and one sleek drop earring. When it’s time to party, opt for a bold silver earring with some sparkle.

#6 Stacks of silver

From rings and earrings to bangles and necklaces, is it even possible to wear too much jewellery? Silver jewellery is super versatile and looks great when you stack and layer it. Try layering necklaces in different lengths for a modern look, or combine silver bangles in different textures and finishes for a fresh style to complement any outfit.

#7 Add some colour

Silver jewellery doesn’t need to only be silver to look stylish. Try looking for pieces that bring different coloured metals into the mix – a beautiful silver pendant incorporating yellow gold and rose gold looks as fabulous on dark fabrics as plain silver, or add a more subtle splash of colour with silver earrings with just a flash of rose gold.

For an outfit that works from day to night, try a black lace-edge cami with a white blazer, and a long silver pendant with rainbow gems for an interesting twist on a modern classic.

Ready to rock silver jewellery? We hear you. Take a look at our silver jewellery collection for all the inspiration you need.

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