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Annie Haak

Due to the ever-growing power of social media, brands are constantly trying to find innovative ways to market their products online. Instagram seems to be a particular favourite for businesses wishing to showcase their brand. With it’s simple grid layout and super swipe-able main feed, this popular platform is made to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Each post by a brand is carefully curated to entice the customer and to have them scroll endlessly to find whatever it is that catches their eye. This app was initially created to share personal images online with others but has now turned into one of the best, most functional, marketing tools in the world.

When making an Instagram account you can choose to make your account a personal account or a business account. Choosing to make your account a business account allows the user to view their account’s insights. This feature includes the ability to be able to see the number of accounts which their content has reached that week, the number of accounts which have engaged with their content that week, as well as their follower increase by percentage. Not to mention that the Instagram business account allows the user to tag their products on every post. This makes shopping via the app incredibly easy for customers as they can buy the products that they see within the post with one click of a button!

Annie Haak

Brands now also have the option to market their products with the help of Instagram influencers. Influencers are people with a large number of Instagram followers who, usually, make a living from paid partnerships and sponsored post funded by brands and businesses. This is incredibly useful for brands who wish to market their brands to the masses. Jewellery brands in particular benefit from this new wave of marketing as most influencers, particularly female ones, wear jewellery regularly within their posts.

Nu & Mii, sister brand to Annie Haak, utilise influencers within their marketing campaigns affectively. Sophie Habboo, famous for her role on the hit show Made in Chelsea, is one of their main ambassadors. With over 402K followers on Instagram alone, as well as regular television appearances, Habboo is a walking advertisement for Nu & Mii. The professionally taken campaign photos that litter Nu & Mii’s accounts alone are enough to drive fans to purchase the jewellery she is adorned with. However, Habboo herself often posts her own, more amateur style, content featuring Annie Haak’s sister company’s products to her personal account too, telling her followers about the jewellery’s benefits and giving out discount codes to persuade the reader to follow the link to Nu & Mii’s website.

The utilisation of social media to a grow businesses and sell products is still a relatively new concept but it is ever growing. Due to this constant growth and transformation it seems that there is no such a thing as a ‘Social Media Marketing’ bible out there which gives us all the answers we need as a business to help us thrive. However, there is definitely something we do know. Influence within the social media realm is very real and it is very powerful.

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