Jewellery Valuations

Why do you need your jewellery valuing?

For insurance purposes!

We don’t like to be negative but should anything happen to your most precious items of jewellery we want you to be adequately compensated for the sum insured.

If your jewellery is insured with up to date valuations in place you have complete peace of mind.  That’s why we at Share we put on these fantastic events with an NAJ (National Association of Jewellers) registered valuer, which is accepted by all insurance companies. The exclusive events take place in store and the valuation is carried out with you present giving you the opportunity to ask any questions.  The valuation is presented to you with high resolution images and a detailed description of your items, noting any distinguishing features at the same time.  Nearly all insurance companies will ask for up to date valuations and proof of ownership with this document gives.

Each valuation is also registered free of charge to a secure online database, providing you with extra security and peace of mind.

Jewellery valuation is a highly specialised profession requiring the combined in-depth knowledge of the methods of jewellery manufacture, both historic and current; historic and contemporary design styles, the principal designers and their workshops; gemstone identification (Gemmology) and diamond grading; and a comprehensive understanding of the precious metals and diamond markets and the jewellery retail and auction market sectors. 

Keeping your jewellery valuation up to date ensures your jewellery is kept in pristine condition as it enables the jeweller and valuer to check it for any damage and rectify this.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, your details are kept entirely confidential and can only be released to the police or your insurers with your permission.

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There really is nothing like peace of mind!

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