How To Clean Annie Haak Bracelets, your frequently asked questions.

Unlock the Brilliance: Your Ultimate Annie Haak Bracelet Jewellery Care FAQs. Also relevant for earrings, necklaces and rings. 

1. How do I keep my jewellery looking new?


Answer: Easy! Take off your bling before swimming, exercising, or bathing. Chemicals, like those in chlorine or your favourite hairspray, can be harsh. Dress up after your beauty routine, and your jewels will stay fabulous.


2. Can I wear my jewellery all the time?


Answer: Almost! Avoid extreme temps and direct sunlight. Your treasures deserve some rest from the elements. Oh, and skip the jewellery when cleaning or using bleach.


3. What’s the secret to keeping silver shiny?


Answer: Polish it up with a silver cloth. But be gentle – our gold-plated darlings prefer a soft, untreated cloth for their spa day.


4. How should I store my jewellery?


Answer: A quick polish before bedtime, untangle those necklaces, and keep them in a dry place. Sorry, our packaging box isn’t a long-term home.


5. Are pearls high-maintenance?


Answer: Nope! Freshwater pearls love the open air, so wear them often. Just keep them away from potential scratchy buddies and use a soft cloth for a quick clean.


6. How about semi-precious stones?


Answer: Handle them with care. A soft, damp cloth is their go-to after a day out.


7. Why does tarnish happen, and how do I fight it?


Answer: It’s natural, but enemies like soaps, perfumes, lotions, oils, and chlorine speed it up. Prolonged sunlight and water aren’t their best friends either. And, oh, sweat? Give your jewels a break during intense workouts.


8. Can I get my jewellery repaired?


Answer: Absolutely! Get in touch here for some extra love for your pieces.


9. Any other tips for keeping my jewellery fabulous?


Answer: Keeping items in a jewellery box is great for keeping them safe. Just a reminder to avoid mixing metals in your jewellery box – they might lead to tarnish.

There you have it! Follow these simple steps and answers to your FAQs, and your jewellery will be sparkling through every adventure. Happy accessorizing! 

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