Memories in Lockdown

Making Memories is Easy

Making memories is easy – get out your phone and take a photo or a video! But then what? Your photos are stuck in the cloud? Here are some great ideas to treasure those memories forever, ranging from printing those photos and framing them to putting them into jewellery!

Is Summer 2020 Lockdown A Distant Memory?

Photo Frames

The 2020 Lockdowns seem to be getting further and further away as the nights are getting darker and the wintery feel becoming closer and closer.  Treasure your memories:

  1. Print your photos
  2. Put them in a favourite frame or why not use a multiframe (a frame where you can put more than 1 photo) by our lovely brand Umbra.

To create the feeling of Winter why not update your photo frames.  There are plenty to choose from and if you want to change your style or add a bit of colour now is the time to do it.  With a great range of frames from fabric to metal and mirrored to leopard print there is a frame to suit every style.  If this is all a bit overwhelming have a look at the pictures to help you mix and match frames which will add colour and/or contrast.  For a more constant and calm feel use the same frame in a variety of sizes and cluster them together!


Lockets are not only a beautiful piece of jewellery.  They can be added to bracelets or necklaces and are a great place to treasure your memories forever.  In silver or gold, diamonds or not you can keep your photo in here.  These beautiful pendants can be stacked with other necklaces to create the infamous layered look or be worn simply yet stylishly on their own.


Going on staycation? Or staying here?  Treat yourself to a new piece of jewellery just because!  We love the feather ranges which are at the top of any A listers fashion agenda.  You can always stack these with any lockets or other jewellery too.  For everyday jewellery Share suggest picking something simple – this way you can wear it with a number of different outfits – and there is nothing wrong with wearing the same piece day in day out.  For evening jewellery pick something with a bit of sparkle and remember a diamond is a girl’s best friend.


So even if you are in #lockdown you are now at the stage where you can look back at all your memories but be sure to make some new ones too!

Like our ideas – do let us know!  Why not let us see you own memories by tagging us in your Instagram and Facebook photos!

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