Did I hear you say you wanted to know about jewellery photography?

Well I’m about to tell you! I’ve been doing photography roughly for the past four years but I’ve just started to take photography seriously in the past year or so. I would say I’m pretty confident at it.

annie haak Photography (2)

The photography I do varies from taking pictures for evaluations, social media and websites. The equipment I used to take the pictures is a camera, big & small light boxes depending on the size of the product and the style of photography. If I’m doing a flat lay I’ll use the bigger lightbox, if I’m wanting a straight on shot then I’ll use the smaller lightbox.

Also the bigger lightbox produces a brighter white light and the smaller lightbox produces a warm dimmer light, so it all depends on the type of shot I want and what the image is going to be used for. Taking pictures for evaluations is probably the quickest and easiest at all the photography I do because all I need to do is have the jewellery in the lightbox on its own and I just need to make sure it’s in focus and you can clearly see all the detail in the piece of jewellery.

Take Pictures for Website is Easy

Taking pictures for the website is also quite easy but it can take a while depending on how many products there are. The key to website photography is to make sure the products look as good as they can and as clear as they can so the customer can clearly see what it looks like.

Annie Haak Photography (3)

Last but not least, taking pictures on social media is definitely my favourite form of photography to do because it allows me to be as creative as I want and gets to show off the jewellery however I want. I also get to shoot a range of products of social media which varies from are own jewellery from the silver range all the way up to diamond collections but I also get to shoot some of are branded products.

My favourite brand to shoot is 100% Annie Haak because I love the jewellery, how easy it is to find a piece that looks nice due to the wide range of products, they got something for everyone but it will also fit anyone because most of the Annie Haak range is elasticated which makes it really easy to find pieces that fits. Another reason I love Annie Haak for doing product photography is because of the attention to the package, it makes really good props to use in my styling the product and also looks really cute.

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