What is your favourite thing about Easter?

I absolutely love Easter – and no, it’s not just the chocolate!  It’s all about having fun and the fact spring is coming, the butterflies, bunnies, chicks and lambs. 

Talking of butterflies the most amazing Wedgwood cakestand needs to come out so I can put the chocolate nests on that the kids have made with some delicious mini eggs scattered around! You could even have a mad hatters tea party!  Butterfly Bloom is a tea garden for today. It’s vintage floral designs, inspired by patterns from the Wedgwood archives. Perfect for that indulgent little oasis of calm in a hectic schedule, or for sociable gatherings with friends. The butterfly bloom teapot as well as the cups and saucers that match make for a great Easter tea.  Easter is a time to relax and I love to have my calm cup of tea whilst the kids are outside on their Easter egg hunt. 

easter Cakestand

I also like to make sure I look my best at Easter time and some fantastic jewellery for Easter is that of Annie Haak.  The Annie Haak flower bracelet reminds me of Spring and new life (which is what we learnt at school Easter is about)!  Annie Haak also have some lovely little earrings and gorgeous necklaces.

If you’re looking for other ideas of what the kids can do this Easter you could go to a local farm to see the chicks and bunnies and of course the little lambs.  If you are feeling creative you could make some Easter bracelets in the style of Annie Haak jewellery, or make some Easter chocolate crispie cakes.  I remember spending hours cutting strips of paper to weave in and out of each other to make an Easter basket! Another fun idea is to decorate an egg, grow some cress, plant new bulbs or seeds and watch them grow!

A few facts …

This year 2022 Easter Sunday falls on Sunday 17th April.  It is one of the most important dates in the Christian calendar and it celebrates Jesus rising from the dead.  If you want to know any more follow the link here.

So, have a Happy Easter, enjoy the finer weather, the lighter nights, wearing your Annie Haak and of course eating your Easter treats from your gorgeous Wedgwood cakestand!

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