Annie Haak: Putting an End to The Difficulties of Ring Buying

Annie Haak rings

At Share, we try to make ring buying as quick and easy as possible for you. First, you can browse our many ring designs in store, try on any which take your fancy, and if we don’t have your size in store we can either swiftly order one in for you or have it made to your specific size. However, you’ve decided you don’t want to have to wait to have a new size ordered or to get your ring re-sized. We understand, we’ve all been there. You want to be able to leave today with that ring on your finger. Let’s not even get started on the perils of ring buying for others! We often barely know our own size let alone someone else’s. Well Annie Haak have the answers to all of your prayers.

Known primarily for their versatile stackable elasticated bracelets, Annie Haak are bringing a new innovative way to size rings. As well as their standard ring designs, such as The Lover’s Knot ring, Annie Haak also offer some tremendous elasticated ring options. This means that these nifty little rings will fit comfortably on most fingers! Each ring is fitted with extra strength elastic and adorned with multiple sterling silver, or gold plate on sterling silver, beads of different sizes depending on the ring.

Designs range from the classic Santeenie style, which Annie Haak are well known for, to newer styles which feature gorgeous semi-precious stones. The recent Mystical Collection, which was released in October of 2021, features a gorgeous range of silver and gold plated jewellery decorated with celestial style star charms of different variations. Most of this range is also adorned with semi-precious Hematite which is a gorgeously glossy black stone. This collection is perfect for lovers of all things celestial or for those who just enjoy a little bit of edge to their jewellery!

For those who enjoy more loud and eye catching ring designs, Annie Haak supply the most gorgeous elasticated charm rings adorned with charms ranging from layered feathers to large angels. Each style of ring has a bracelet to match so you can coordinate to your heart’s content! However, this versatile brand also showcases a demurer, toned down, style with jewellery featuring centre pieces of petite pearls and quaint Swarovski crystals.

The beauty of this brand is that all jewellery is designed to be stacked. This means that you can grow your collection as much as you like. Mixing and matching different pieces keeps your look fresh and multiple rings are very much in fashion at the moment so Annie Haak’s elasticated rings are definitely a win-win in our book!

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