Umbra Wishbone Double Sided Floating Photo Frame – Chrome


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Umbra Wishbone Double Sided Floating Photo Frame.

Meet WISHBONE by Umbra: the artistically crafted desk frame that effortlessly enhances any space with its polished finish. Its design, inspired by trophies, guarantees all-around beauty, allowing your cherished photos to be displayed on both sides of the frame. WISHBONE offers the flexibility to showcase photos in either a 5×7 or 4×6 size, with the option to orient them vertically or horizontally. Elevate your desk decor with the sophisticated touch of WISHBONE.

Distinctive Wall Decor and Photo Presentation:
This inventive trophy-inspired photo frame not only elevates your cherished memories but also features a sleek metal finish, creating a distinctive and contemporary tabletop display.

Floating Pictures with Style:
WISHBONE is a floating frame that securely holds both portrait and landscape photos between two glass panes, providing a transparent border around your images. This design adds a dimensional element to your tabletop or wall.

Versatile Double-Sided Frame:
Experience the 360-degree beauty of WISHBONE, allowing you to showcase two images simultaneously, visible from either side of the frame. It effortlessly accommodates both 4×6 and 5×7 images, adapting to your preferred orientation.

Showcase Artwork, Photos, and Beyond:
Beyond photos, the versatility of WISHBONE extends to displaying artwork, illustrations, and more. It serves as a creative platform to showcase a variety of visual elements that matter to you.

Original Design and Guaranteed Satisfaction:
Crafted by our team of international designers, WISHBONE embodies thoughtful creativity and original design in everyday items. Umbra products are built to last, employing high-quality materials. We stand by our commitment with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and a 5-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. Opt for Umbra and choose the original design – don’t settle for imitations.

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Umbra Wishbone Double Sided Floating Photo Frame - Chrome