Lalique Bacchantes Small Vase

Lalique Bacchantes Small Vase. In 1927, Rene LALIQUE's boundless imagination and creative genius le..

Lalique Bagatelle Vase Clear

Lalique Bagatelle Vase Clear. Renae Jules Lalique (1860-1945) began his illustrious career as a h..

Lalique Clear Bacchantes Vase

The Bacchantes vase was designed by Rene Lalique in 1927 and has been in production at the Lalique g..

Lalique Elves Vase

The Lalique Elves Vase is from the Fairytales Collection by Lalique and defines a new expression of ..

Lalique Fantasia Vase

The Lalique Fantasia Vase is from the Fairytales Collection by Lalique and defines a new e..