Jewellery Repairs

What do you do when you’re necklace breaks? Or any other piece of jewellery?

Some people may continue to wear it, some people may throw it into a drawer and some may even throw it in the bin!

Why not repair it?

Having your jewellery repaired will obviously allow you to wear it again. It will also allow it to look like new or enable you to sell it or pass it on if you desire. Jewellery repairs often take less than a week and are not necessarily costly.

At Share we believe each piece of jewellery is special and unique and that it should be repaired or restored to its initial beauty.

In-store we can replace watch batteries and alter the majority of watch straps/bracelets whilst you wait.

We will send any other jewellery to one of our quality workshops to ensure the repair is carried out by a qualified goldsmith who will take the utmost care and attention when carrying out your jewellery repair.

So, the only reason not to repair jewellery would be if you don’t want it anymore. Well, then you can sell it and here at Share we are always looking to buy old jewellery or old gold and can give you the best possible price. Have a look at our very own story on selling old gold now!

Redesigning Your Jewellery

With the excellent personal and professional service that Share provides we love redesigning jewellery (or in fact designing a totally new piece of jewellery), to make it wearable. You may have been given a gift that isn’t quite to your taste or been passed down some exquisite piece by a loved one that doesn’t quite fit and we would be delighted to help make any restorations or changes required.

Ring Sizing

We can reduce or enlarge the size of a ring. Because each ring is unique please pop into the shop or book a consultation for prices and to make sure it is the perfect fit for your finger. Necklaces and bracelets can also be made longer and shorter.

Other Repairs

At Share Jewellery & Gift Boutique we want your jewellery to be in tip top condition and all repairs are carried out by excellent goldsmiths. Clasps can be replaced on bracelets and necklaces, stems can be changed on earrings and the settings of rings can be made secure and tightened. No repair is ever too small.

Come in to Share today to support your local business and repair any broken jewellery! We are also happy to help you keep your jewellery looking beautiful with our cleaning and maintenance services.

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