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Lalique Aphrodite Carafe

Lalique Aphrodite CarafeDesigned to highlight the flavours of the finest spirits, the Aphrodite deca..

£1,850.00 £1,387.50
Lalique Bagatelle Vase Clear

Lalique Bagatelle Vase ClearThe embodiment of affection, this vase is adorned with lovebirds and Eas..

£695.00 £521.25
Lalique Balthazar

Lalique BalthazarLalique recreates the Three Wise Men Three royal messengers, Melchior, Gaspard..

£225.00 £168.75
Lalique Champs-Elysees Bowl

Lalique Champs-Elysees Bowl. The spectacular rows of plane trees lining, the most beautiful Avenue ..

£780.00 £585.00
Lalique Fantasia Vase

Lalique Fantasia VaseThis beautiful Lalique Fantasia Vase features an elegant design which features ..

£590.00 £442.50
Lalique Languedoc Large Bowl

Lalique Languedoc Large BowlThe Languedoc bowl takes us to the lands of the Languedoc. Between sea a..

£1,800.00 £1,350.00
Lalique Languedoc Medium Bowl

Lalique Languedoc Medium BowlThe Languedoc crystal bowl by Lalique is a true work of art that celebr..

£870.00 £652.50
Lalique Limited Edition Rooster Vase

Lalique Limited Edition Rooster VaseIn 2017 Lalique celebrates the year of the Rooster in Chinese as..

£850.00 £637.50
Lalique Nogent Bowl

Lalique Nogent BowlThis beautiful Clear Lalique Crystal Nogent Bowl features four sparrow birds hold..

£520.00 £390.00
Lalique Nogent Bowl Gold Lustre

Lalique Nogent Bowl Gold LustreThis beautiful Gold Lustre Lalique Crystal Nogent Bowl features four ..

£580.00 £435.00
Lalique Plateau Naiades Tray

Lalique Plateau NaiadesA major source of inspiration of Lalique since its origins, the female was bo..

£1,200.00 £900.00
Lalique Tourbillons Clear Vase

Lalique Tourbillons Clear VaseIn 1926 Rene Lalique created the Tourbillons Vase. Inspired by movemen..

£610.00 £457.50
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